Please note that :

a) I (Jarek- Jarosław Fink- the owner and guide of More4U) have been fully vaccinated (since June 2021 and boosted 20th Jan 2022) and can show my Certificate at any demand. BTW- my wife and entire family have been vaccinated too. 

b) due to Covid restrictions and sanitary requirements  we may be made to adjust the timetable and visiting / staying at particular places to current situation and availability (e.g. disinfection, limited number of visitors/ guests allowed in 1 room at museums, restaurants etc.). Our flexibility and understanding is necessary under the special circumstances.  International restrictions may also bring result of limiting or cancelling the tour.  In such case both sides of the agreement have to mutually accept it.

c) under this link of the Polish Government website you can find current info and regulations regarding traveling to and within Poland

And here are the copies of all my licenses and degrees:

  • transportation license
  • business license (registered and taxed) by CEiDG
  • high school degree
  • university degrees
  • tour guide license
  • basketball and rugby coach
  • youth guardian
  • tours in Warsaw (the capital) by licensed Warsaw city guide Gosia Arabas